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This page is where you can learn about me and my travel blog and the connection between the two.

My name is Joanna, and I am the owner, traveller, writer, and photographer of Just Me Travel. This website is where I share my travel journeys and experiences with you.

My goal is to provide you with travel experiences, tips, information, and resources to destinations around the world – destinations, stories, and reviews to inspire your travels and feed your travel bug.

Just Me Travel came about as a plan for my retirement. I love to travel and have been travelling for more than half my life. I love to write and have kept journals of all my trips. And I love to take photographs to visually document my journeys. How do I put all these together in my retirement? Through family encouragement and support, Just Me Travel germinated from an idea to a reality in time for my retirement.

Just Me Travel is a creation in progress as I work my way through many, many journals – past, present and those yet to come. Over the years, I have visited 66 countries across six continents. There is much to write about and share with you, especially as I continue to travel in my retirement.

What does Just Me Travel include?

On Just Me Travel, you will find posts on destinations and experiences from around the world, including:

  • Self-guided walking tours
  • Itineraries and guides
  • River cruises and road trips
  • Reviews – accommodation, tours, festivals, events, sites
  • Cultural travel and safety tips
  • Photo stories and postcards to home

And there is even a post on what to do with your travel photos.

While I am primarily a solo traveller, hence the name of my travel blog, I would expect all types of travellers and would-be travellers to find something of interest and helpful on Just Me Travel.

WHO IS JOANNA? The face behind Just Me Travel

Five facts about me

  • I don’t cook
  • I spent years chemically straightening my hair
  • I enjoy my own company
  • Elephants are my all-time favourite animal
  • I would love to retire to Italy

Joanna, the traveller

I have been a traveller since 1974. In that time, as mentioned above, I have explored six continents and visited 66 countries. This might sound like many countries, but it only makes up 27.4% of world countries.

It all started with my parents’ encouragement to travel, to venture further than isolated Australia (my home country). So, at the age of 24, I did just that; leaving home on a 12-month open airline ticket. Six years later, I came home with a husband and toddler in tow.

You can pack a lot into six years:

  • I sold my blood in Greece;
  • I said goodbye to a boyfriend in Amsterdam;
  • I worked on a kibbutz in Israel;
  • I worked as a nanny in Tel Aviv;
  • I worked as a nurse in England;
  • I got married in England;
  • I worked as a receptionist in South Africa; and
  • I had a baby in Namibia.

Overseas travel came to a grinding halt for the next five years except for a visit to England for my children to meet their fraternal grandparents. A further stagnation occurred due to life circumstances. But, when my youngest turned 16, I was travelling again, and there has been no stopping me.

So how do I travel? I am a solo traveller, but there are many viewpoints on what constitutes ‘solo travel’. There are times when I travel on my own with no friends, family or group tours to support me. I also consider myself a solo traveller when I travel by myself on an escorted small group tour or river cruise. However, I do not deem myself a solo traveller when I travel with family or friends.

I have fed my enthusiasm for travel photography as a guest on many specialist photography tours to different parts of the world. I am addicted to river cruises, having travelled along 18 rivers through 24 countries on 15 river cruises. I have a love affair with Africa. Having lived in Namibia for four years, I always feel like I am coming home whenever I travel to Africa. And I have fallen in love with Italy – a country I have visited four times and still can’t get enough.

Broadening horizons through international travel is all well and good, but I have often said how important it is to know your own country first. The Australian mainland comprises six states and three territories. I have visited all six states and three territories. However, I still have so much to explore within my own country. And then there are Australia’s seven external territories!

Exploring our world and capturing the diverse destinations I have travelled to through, writing and photography have become a passion. A passion that I love sharing with you.

Follow my journeys, read my reviews and tips, and check out places to see on my travel blog, Just Me Travel.

Or you can start by reading my most popular blog posts:

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